Hit me with your best shot

Health care isn’t for sissies. I’ll bet most of you have had to deal with our monolithic healthcare system. God forbid you’ve had to navigate insurance, lack of insurance, reimbursements….all while trying to actually stay alive or keep your loved one alive. Even when the health care you or your loved one is receiving isContinue reading “Hit me with your best shot”

We need a little Christmas. NOW.

I’m pretty certain there’s one thing we all agree upon. IT’S BEEN A TOUGH YEAR. We haven’t seen most of our friends since March. I haven’t done any shopping since March. I haven’t been to church since March. We haven’t gone out to a restaurant since August (outside seating…) and now we’ve even quarantined fromContinue reading “We need a little Christmas. NOW.”

Norman Rockwell…sort of

Well, here we are friends. Another Thanksgiving. Tradition…. but different Agreed? Am I alone in realizing that my memories are seen through rose colored glasses? I’ll begin today with these precious rose colored Suzanne memories…and I’ll bet you have plenty of your own. Thanksgiving when I was a little girl and a teenager was simplyContinue reading “Norman Rockwell…sort of”

Blame it on Buster

Charles Woodrow Wilkerson was born on July 3, 1916, the youngest of five children born to Oliver Cicero and Lula Catherine Wilkerson. He was my Daddy. Oliver Cicero (my grandpa) decided to name the baby Charles Woodrow in “honor” of the two presidential candidates, Charles Evans Hughes and Woodrow Wilson. There was just one problem.Continue reading “Blame it on Buster”