Lipstick and a Highlight Reel

lipstick on a pig “Some superficial or cosmetic change to something so that it  seems more attractive, appealing,  or successful than it really is.” I’m not the pig! I’m not the pig! Seriously though…..I get bored when I have my chemo/immunotherapy treatments. I listen to music, I listen to podcasts, and yes, I take pics. We’ve already established my “oversharing” tendency on facebook so there’s that. Last week I didn’t have toContinue reading “Lipstick and a Highlight Reel”


First of all, Irene is a lovely name. It’s old-fashioned, it’s spelled correctly, and it’s not one of those “made up” names….. but honestly? Her name was FRANKIE Irene. I’d probably go by Irene too. It’s Mother’s Day weekend so this is my ode to her and to all the mothers reading this. My mother,Continue reading “Irene”

Hit me with your best shot

Health care isn’t for sissies. I’ll bet most of you have had to deal with our monolithic healthcare system. God forbid you’ve had to navigate insurance, lack of insurance, reimbursements….all while trying to actually stay alive or keep your loved one alive. Even when the health care you or your loved one is receiving isContinue reading “Hit me with your best shot”